Intel Wireless Bluetooth Driver Crack 10 64-Bit

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10 64-bit Intel Wireless Bluetooth Driver Crack 2024

Intel Wireless Bluetooth Drivers are specialized software applications that hardware devices require in order to connect to and operate on your computer. Intel Wireless Bluetooth Driver If you’ve ever attempted to add new hardware to your computer, such as an Intel Wireless Bluetooth Driver or a mouse or printer, you are aware of how time-consuming it can be to locate the correct driver for the device. Finding the correct driver for a single device—let alone the sometimes dozens of hardware devices attached to your computer—can be challenging and occasionally quite irritating.




Overview of the Intel Wireless Bluetooth Driver:

However, install the Intel Pro Set/Wireless Software driver for Intel® NUS running Windows ® 10 64-bit in order to utilize Bluetooth® technology. End users having Intel Wireless Bluetooth technology, such as those at home and in businesses, are advised to utilize it. It has been confirmed that driver package 23.40.0 supports Microsoft Windows 11. Updates for the Windows 10 32-bit driver for 7265 (Rev. D), 3165, and 3168 devices will only be made available starting with Bluetooth package version 22.210.X.

Latest Available:

In addition, take care of any possible security flaws. For Windows 10 32-bit, the most recent driver version that is compatible is from the 22.200.0 package. For the following Intel wireless adaptors, package 23.40.0 installs the Wi-Fi drivers for Windows 10 and Windows 11. When your device is unable to identify a Bluetooth connection, you can use the straightforward programme known as Bluetooth Driver Installer. This little driver pairs every item you wish to pair with Bluetooth to enable prompt detection and installation.

The Big Advantage of the Intel Wireless Bluetooth Driver:

Compatible with the majority of Bluetooth gadgets. This app’s main benefit is that it creates a backup of the existing configuration before making any system modifications, making it simple to restore in the event that something goes wrong. It just takes three simple actions to fix issues connecting or syncing your PC with other devices. when you use Bluetooth Driver Installer. A free tool called Bluetooth Driver Installer may be used to fix Bluetooth issues on Windows systems.

Identify and install:

Its objective is to quickly locate and install any missing drivers or resolve issues with already-installed ones. With its step-by-step tutorial, Bluetooth Installer is an easy-to-use platform that makes exploring the programme a breeze. In terms of functionality, Bluetooth Driver Installer is the most user-friendly programme when compared to IO bit Driver Booster Free and Driver Genius. Users don’t have to unintentionally delete any drivers from the system or sift through several of them online.

Bluetooth Functions Computer Bluetooth App:

In addition, with no difficulty at all, the programme will simply fix the Bluetooth features for you. It’s likely that you need to update your drivers if your computer or any of its peripherals—printers, USB devices, etc.—are not working properly. A software call to Driver Update is made to address these issues and restore correct operation to your machine. The top ten driving programmes that we have determined to be both safe and successful are listed below.

Computer problems with the Intel Wireless Bluetooth Driver:

The goal of this website is to make it as simple as possible for you to locate a programme that will address your computer issues immediately. We are aware that the majority prioritizes value and customer service. Note that the majority of the programmes listed below are partners that compensate our website while you examine your alternatives. This offset affects where the goods appear in the table below. For additional details, please refer to our advertising disclaimer.







Key properties of the Intel BT Driver for Windows 10:

  • It has the ability to link your computer to other devices.
  • It has Bluetooth-type specifications.
  • Easy and rapid installation procedure.
  • You may use it to advertise your company.
  • It can transfer data to and from other devices and your PC.
  • Find Bluetooth devices automatically, as well as assess signal strength and other data.
  • It offers comprehensive details about Bluetooth devices, such as their name, MAC address, vendor name, class, and any other pertinent data pertaining to their services.
  • With its user-friendly UI, even inexperienced users may easily explore their newly discovered Bluetooth devices.
  • Present the signal strength as JPG, PNG, TIF, GIF, or BMP image files for additional analysis.
  • Sensor Tag Development Kit Bluetooth kits and the Blue Sole, Free BT Microsoft, Toshiba, and Broad com Bluetooth kits.

What’s new Intel Wireless Bluetooth Driver?

  • Regulatory Update for China.
  • Repair for Wi-Fi yellow bang with extremely rare occurrences in device manager.
  • Fix the blue screen on low-frequency Wi-Fi.
  • For information on known problems, supported hardware, and installation guidelines,.
  • And what’s new or corrected? Consult the release notes.

System Requirements:

  1. Worked with: Windows 10
  2. Processor: a Pentium IV at minimum
  3. RAM: 1 GB; 2 GB
  4. More than 200 MB of free hard drive space.

How to Use Intel Wireless Bluetooth Driver:

  1. The installation and automated operation of Bluetooth Driver Installer are very easy programs that only take a few seconds to complete.
  2. In addition, the internet searches for missing drivers as soon as the programmer launches.
  3. It diagnoses and resolves any Bluetooth connectivity problems using an easy-to-use interface, so even those without any prior driver installation knowledge may use it.
  4. The software will download and install the most recent version of any Bluetooth-related drivers automatically if it determines that they are out of date.
  5. This makes it simple for you to maintain the best possible condition.
  6. For all of your Bluetooth-enabled devices at all times.
  7. The application is compatible with Windows XP through Windows 10 and runs on both 32- and 64-bit computers.

Conclusion: Intel Wireless Bluetooth Driver:

However, Windows users who frequently experience issues with their Bluetooth connections might greatly benefit from the use of Bluetooth Driver Installer. The programme makes installing, upgrading, and troubleshooting easier. Bluetooth drivers easier with its driver installation wizard, backup and restore capabilities, and troubleshooting tools.

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