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Custom Resolution Utility Download Latest Version

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Download Latest Version Of Custom Resolution Utility

Custom Resolution Utility, or CREW, is a free DID editor that allows you to work on the software aspects of your computer’s hardware to change resolution and other attributes. You create custom resolutions that are not available by default for your monitor. Other top apps that work with displays include Hotkey Resolution Changer, Quick Gamma, and Display Tuner.

The basis of CREW is that you override registry settings and create new resolutions for your monitor. Fortunately, it doesn’t change the hardware at all, so it’s safe to use. You can also adjust all available Free Sync settings.


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The Cru custom resolution is a versatile tool that allows you to customize your display settings for an optimized visual experience. Its primary purpose is really to allow you to tweak resolutions and refresh rates beyond the default settings.

With CREW, you can also fine-tune display timing for accuracy and explore monitor overclocking for a smoother image. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to novices and experts alike, while its compatibility with various GPUs ensures wide applicability. The CREW excels as a portable, installation-free solution for achieving the perfect display setup, making it a favorite among enthusiasts looking to push their displays beyond conventional limits.

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Key Features of the Custom Resolution Utility:

  • Custom refresh rates and resolutions: CRT’s main uses include the addition of new, non-default supported refresh rates and resolutions.
  • Interface: The interface is exactly what you need for this kind of software; it combines simplicity, technical setup, and intuitiveness.
  • Restore options: You can experiment with different configurations as you like, as this allows you to reset settings to defaults and troubleshoot unstable configurations whenever you want.
  • Profiles: In addition to the restore options, you can also create, save, and restore different profiles for each of your configurations.
  • Multiple Display Support: Furthermore, the cherry on top is that it supports multiple monitor configurations, so you can fine-tune each of your displays.
  • GPU Compatibility: Works with a variety of graphics cards, including NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel models.
  • Fine configuration: You can tweak all kinds of timing parameters for each resolution, including horizontal and vertical pixels and pixel clock.
  • REDID File Editing: Furthermore, you can also directly edit the monitor’s EDID configuration file to fix detection issues or enforce specific features. This way, you don’t have to deal with. inf files.
  • Expansion Blocks: Adding or modifying CEA-861 expansion blocks is also supported for advanced features such as audio and 3D video formats.
  • No installation is required. Furthermore, it is a standalone tool that is portable and easy to use without installing a system.

User Interface:

It features a straightforward and minimalist user interface that focuses on functionality rather than aesthetics. The main window provides an organized layout with tabs for managing display profiles, creating custom resolutions, and editing Ed Ids. Furthermore, the interface may seem a bit technical for first-time users. Furthermore, it offers extensive documentation and tooltips to guide users through the various options and settings.

What’s New:

  1. Furthermore, Allows users to create custom resolutions and refresh rates beyond the default options
  2. Precise control of timing parameters for optimal compatibility and stability
  3. EDID management to unlock additional resolution and refresh rate options
  4. Easy backup and recovery of custom profiles
  5. Hotkey support for quick resolution switching
  6. The interface may seem technical to first-time users
  7. Careless editing of timing parameters can result in display issues.
  8. Moreover, not all applications may fully support custom resolution.

Technical Setup Details:

  1. Full software name: Display Fusion Pro 2022
  2. Furthermore, the the installation file name is Display Fusion Pro.9.9.rar.
  3. Installation size: 97 MB
  4. Installation Type: Offline Installer / Fully Standalone Installer
  5. Furthermore, Compatibility Mechanical: 32 Bit (x86) / 64 Bit (x64)
  6. The most recent version was released on December 19, 2021.
  7. Display Fusion Pro is the developer.

What Does The Custom Resolution Utility Do?

CRU is a tool that allows you to modify the EDID and overwrite your monitor’s registry settings. Furthermore, You make changes directly in the driver configuration, which means you have to be careful when making changes. You can add resolutions to active or secondary displays connected to your computer.

If you have not made the correct adjustments and the display is not working, you can enter recovery mode by holding the F8 key. You will need to restore the previous settings using the custom resolution windows or try a new configuration. Furthermore, If your computer or graphics card crashes, restart and disable the CRU until the problem is resolved.

System Requirements:

  1. Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  2. RAM: 512MB
  3. Hard disk: 100 MB
  4. Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher processor

How To Use The Custom Resolution Tool:

  1. custom resolution Windows 10 (CRU) can show you how your monitor defines resolution.
  2. and gives you the power to change it. In addition to adding resolution,
  3. you can delete the ones you don’t want to use.
  4. Furthermore, You’ll also be able to adjust Free Sync ranges and much more.
  5. The Windows custom resolution CRU adds monitor resolutions, not scaled resolutions.
  6. If you want to scale a lower resolution down to the monitor’s native resolution,
  7. Furthermore, you should use the graphics driver control panel instead.
  8. If you’re using a laptop, the display usually doesn’t give you the ability to scale non-native resolutions.


Custom resolution utility Windows 11 (CRU) is powerful software that offers advanced display customization options for users looking for more control over their resolutions and refresh rates. Whether you’re a gamer, content creator, or just someone who appreciates personalized visual experiences, the app lets you push the limits of your monitor’s capabilities.

Although the software may require some technical knowledge, the extensive documentation and tool tips provided help users navigate through the various settings. With a range of features and the ability to unlock custom resolutions and refresh rates, CRU is a valuable tool to enhance your viewing experience.

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