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Download Clean Mem CRack 2.5.0 For Window Full Activation Key 2024

Clean Mem monitors memory utilization on the system without pushing memory to the page file. This keeps the system working more smoothly. Clean Mem doesn’t change the working set of a processes. It simply asks Windows to do all the work. So Windows does the trimming, the moving and manages everything.

When your computer runs many apps or processes, it might cause memory fragmentation, which occurs when memory is allocated inefficiently. This can cause slower performance and diminished responsiveness. Clean Mem aims to address this issue by periodically cleaning up memory and optimizing its usage. The reason for this is that when your system’s memory becomes low, Windows will begin to relocate memory to the page file.

The page file is running off your hard drive. The hard drive is the bottle neck of performance on a system. So the slower the drive, the slower the system goes as it tries to work with the page file. When you use Clean Mem, you help keep the system from using up all its memory. As a result, Windows does not push anything to the page file, avoiding the significant slowdown caused by page file utilization.


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A procedure called Cleanmem is connected to the PC Win Tech-developed Clean Mem utility. Clean Mem is designed to optimize system memory usage by clearing out unnecessary data and freeing up RAM (random access memory) on your computer. It works by detecting and terminating superfluous processes and services that consume memory resources, allowing your system to run more efficiently.

This is why there are never any crashes of programs or any performance hit to the system. To put it short, Clean Mem doesn’t work against the Windows memory manager. You can also download Windows 10 Manager 3. The best thing you could do is get more memory for your system!

Clean Mem is to keep Windows:

The goal of Clean Mem is to keep Windows from needing to rely heavily on the page file. This is located on your hard drive. You will not notice a night & day performance increase. The users who get the best performance out of McLean are the ones who don’t have a lot of memory. In addition, I know others would yell at them and say, “Well, just buy more memory!” Well, not everyone can run out and buy memory. Another download available is Glary Utilities Pro 5.

In the end, you should decide whether or not to delete CleanMem.exe, depending on your particular requirements and your computer’s performance. If you are unsure, you can try using Mem Clean and monitor the impact on your system’s performance. You can decide to keep it if you see improvements. However, you can think about getting rid of it if you run into any problems or don’t notice any advantages.

Key Features:

  • Smart scan features are available, which give a boost to your system
  • The application also allows you to remove pictures and video audio from your system
  • It also allows you to save your gallery without removing any important files.
  • Boost up the RAM performance from the managed login terms
  • The software application also contains a schedule scan feature to save you time.
  • There is the hardest scan feature available, which helps you clean the hard disk from junk
  • This application helps you improve the battery performance of your system by closing background files
  • The software is truly handy and easy to operate; it also removes unwanted extensions through your browser and improves your browsing speed.
  • Clean all kinds of Junk from your system
  • In addition, you can install and edit a task scheduler, a feature that lets you create and manage common tasks while also connecting to another computer.
  • If you access Clean Mem Settings, you can enable or disable the system file cache clearance and log files creation and select operating mode (all processes, ignore list, or only list).
  • The bottom line is that Clean Mem is clearly not only an effective tool for clearing system memory but also a thorough task scheduler.



CleanMem-2.5.0-Final- Free-Download


What’s New In Clean Mem?

  • Trims Term con senile off your picture collection without the reduction of photos
  • Email is a lot heavier than it appears.
  • There is much more than music on your iTunes.
  • The majority of home customers have much more than one garbage bin.
  • Provides old documents out of their absolute depths

System Requirements:

  • Supported OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Pentium IV or higher
  • RAM: 1 GB (2 GB recommended)
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 200 MB or more

How to install:

  • Download the program:

If you merely click the green “Direct Download” button, the download will start immediately in two seconds and won’t require your input.

  • Disable Windows Defender:

In order to prevent crack files from being erased after decompression, turn off Windows’ firewall.

  • Decompress:

To decompress the file, you need some simple steps. First, download the WinRAR program if it is not already on your device, and then you can follow the steps in this article dedicated to the decompression method:

  • Installation:

After decompressing, open the installation folder and select the installation file.


PC Win Tech created the tool Clean Mem with the goal of optimizing system memory usage by removing unnecessary information and freeing up RAM. Depending on your unique requirements and preferences, you may or may not want to remove CleanMem.exe. It can be beneficial for improving system performance and managing limited RAM. However, if you are comfortable with manual memory management or other optimization methods, you may not need Clean Mem.

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