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Free Download Precision X Crack 1 Fully Activated 2024

Precision Download X Declaring the Precision X 1 official. The new Precision X 1 software is quicker, simpler, and better than ever with an entirely new interface, code base, capabilities, and more. With an integrated frequency curve, RUB LED control, and an overclocking scanner, the new Precision X 1 reaches its maximum performance when used in conjunction with an NVIDIA Turing graphics card. With the help of this application, you can fine-tune a number of graphics card parameters.




Overview Precision Download X:

VEGA offers a tool called EVA Precision X that lets you customize and tune your graphics card. There are two distinct sections to the programmer. While the right side offers a variety of graphics card tweaking choices, the left side safeguards real-time information about your graphics card, including the clock frequency. The EVA Precision X display provides details about the graphics card’s current state, including temperature and frame rate.

Managing Various:

In addition to offering fan control settings and handling different graphics card characteristics, it can also capture screenshots of games with ease. Certain AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards are compatible with EVA Precision X. You will still have access to the best standard celebration charting software available with CR Precision X, allowing you to make decisions closer to the point of care. in addition to the rebranded item.

More Information:

In order to support the delivery of precision care, Central Reach is pleased to announce new investments in people, software, and research. We’re eager to provide additional details, so for now, peruse this FAQ. Eva’s newly launched Precision X 16 utility comes next. With the release of the Ge Force GT X 970 and GT X 980 graphics cards, the next generation of NVIDIA Maxwell graphics cards, came the next iteration of Precision X.

Overclocking Tool Precision Download X:

First off, Precision X is expressly targeted for EVA graphics cards, just as several graphics card makers have created the overclocking tools we’re looking at today. EVA did nothing, though, to restrict Precision X to just their graphics cards, much like the other tools. Because of this, it can be downloaded for free from Eva’s website and is compatible with the most recent NVIDIA graphics cards, providing owners of such cards with an additional reliable third-party overclocking tool.

Precision X 16 Precision X 1 Download:

Among the things this site has to provide, it’s important to remember that Eva has developed its own overclocking tool twice this year, with the Precision X 16. After development cooperation with Riveter designer Alexei Nicolas came to an end, EVA released the Precision X 15, the first fully internal version of the Precision X. But EVA promptly withdrew the Precision X 15 for more development because of many flaws and certain outstanding difficulties with Nicolas.

Revised Tool:

Even though EVA’s internal development efforts didn’t go as well as anticipated, following another development cycle, they were able to address several problems and redesign their user interface. As a result, they released an updated tool last month under the name Precision X 16. EVA tried their best to keep the majority of the features and choices included in their earlier privateer-based Precision X tool, despite the odd location for a successor to what was essentially their own programme.

Recreate Features Precision Download X:

But in order to achieve genuine feature parity, EVA would need to replicate things that Nicolas spent years developing, so as we’ll see when we get more into utilities, the Precision X 16 is still not as complete a tool as the Precision X 4.2 was.







Key Properties of EVGA Lighting Control:

  • A completely new, more user-friendly GUI that runs quicker.
  • Performance tracking in real time (on compatible EVGA graphics cards).
  • Complete compatibility with some GT X and Ge Force RTX graphics cards
  • RGB LED Control with Link Bridge and/or graphics card support.
  • Sync LED that works in unison with other EVGA RGB parts.
  • For optimal control, dynamically establish independent voltage and frequency points.
  • To determine the optimum stable overclock, use the new OC Scanner.
  • The OSD (On-Screen-Display) provides a quick overview of your system’s key features.
  • Personalized fan curve and control.
  • Up to 10 profiles may be created using a hotkey with this profiling system.
  • screenshot functionality within the game.
  • Thorough observation, which includes gaming OSD that support both 64 and 32 bits
  • BPM and JPG file types are supported via the in-game screenshot hotkey.
  • Support for system tray monitoring

What’s New Precision Download X?

  • Updated to Android 1.3.0, this release resolves a crash issue on some.
  • Windows 10 computers that have OSD enabled.
  • Resolved issue where the voltage tuner would not save voltage when restarting
  • Version 5.2.0 of the distribution server, Privateer Statistics Server, is now available.
  • The Options > User Interface tab offers previous skins in addition to the new default one.

System Requirements for EVGA Graphics Card Software:

  1. You need an operating system and CPU that are 64-bit.
  2. OS*: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8.
  3. Ge Force RT X or GT X graphics card for graphics.
  4. 50 MB of free space for storage.

How to Use Precision Download X:

  1. For instance, the memory chips on the virtual circuit board are highlighted in purple when you hover your cursor over the memory settings.
  2. Memory, power, GPU frequency, and voltage settings.
  3. However, we utilized the EVA RT X 2080 XCI Ultra Gaming graphics card in the examples that follow.
  4. When it was first released, this new software only supported RT X 20 series cards, but, starting
  5. Since December 2018, support for GT X 10 series cards has been steadily growing and getting better.
  6. This new software is without a doubt the greatest overclocking programmer available for NVIDIA-based cards.

Conclusion EVGA Precision x:

However, accurate education software for ABA methods. Sample book. Use the online standard Celebration Chart to get started right away. Students who want to excel can get faster outcomes with CR Precision XTERM.

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