Cake Shop 2 Free Download on Android and iOS

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Bake, Decorate, and Delight in this Tasty Adventure of Cake Shop 2

Cake Shop 2 is a delightful time management game. This tiny game aims to test your time management skills while operating a candy store. You make money that you can put toward expanding and purchasing equipment for your café. Your business develops faster the more money you produce, much as in the real world. Little ones will truly like its vibrant style. All in all, the game’s layout is quite good.

Initially, participants can watch a quick instruction on baking and serving cakes to customers. The number of clients and orders increases as you advance in the game, which starts easily. Moreover, there are three layers to the cake, and you have to put them together correctly, starting from the bottom and working your way up. IN the same way, you must prepare cakes and provide other food and beverages like popcorn, coffee, and Coke. The more the tip you receive, the quicker you fulfill a customer’s order.





K3Games is the developer of the free Android game Borat 2 Cake Shop – To Be a Master. In this virtual culinary game, users may design and embellish cakes. The game offers players over fifteen different culinary appliances and in other words, there are a variety of ingredients to bake cakes, including fresh fruits that they can gather.

In Cake Shop 2, you may serve your customer’s delectable fruit cakes with various toppings while earning money to open your roadside café! You can rapidly serve guests in this hectic time management game and utilize special upgrades to keep them satisfied and specifically coming back for more.

However, to finish your ideal cake, you have access to a wide variety of baking options and kitchen appliances in the game. To make truly distinctive cakes, you can include fresh fruit and hidden elements. You can get more sweet cakes in this way. Likewise, to choose the instruments and ingredients in the bowl, just tap the screen. Playing Cake Master on Android is quite simple.


  • Simulation
  • Virtual
  • Career.



Technical Specifications:

  • Developer: Tap Happy
  • Latest version: 7.1.5093
  • Category: Casual

Game Features of Cake Shop 2:

  • A variety of ingredients for baking cakes
  • After mixing them in bowls, baking is the next step.
  • Select fresh fruit.
  • You may make sweet and delectable cakes with the use of over 15 kitchen utensils.
  • Language used in games: English, German, French, and Spanish an engaging, dynamic game that teaches the game of managing a cafe with vibrant 3D graphics at several levels of difficulty.
  • The initial helper had numerous chances especially to improve the cafe and purchase supplies.
  • Cooking game for free








Your friend in Cake Shop 2 Game Online has just asked you to look after his cafe in Hawaii. Easy as pie! You are specifically accustomed to doing such things! Making mouthwatering cakes with a crispy cookie crust, cherry jam, and equally important hot chocolate is a lucrative and thrilling hobby! Furthermore, increase the size of your café, raise the standard of service, draw in more customers, and watch your profits soar! Play the free time management game Cake Shop 2.

Gameplay of Cake Shop 2:

There are stages throughout the game, and significantly, each has special difficulties of its own. To create the cake, players must select the appropriate ingredients, combine them in a bowl, and bake. When the cake is finished, it can be adorned with icing, candy sprinkles, and fruit, among other decorations. However, a fantastic way to kill time is to play Cake Shop 2 – To Be a Master, which is an entertaining and addictive game. It’s appropriate for all ages with its equally important vibrant graphics and straightforward gameplay. Consequently, Cake Shop 2 – To Be a Master is a fun game that’s worth trying if you love cakes or are just looking for something to pass the time.

What’s new?

Tap Happy is the firm behind Cake Shop 2 Game Play Online – To Be a Master. Its creator has released a version as of 7.1.5093. Updated a few photos and solved a few problems.

System Requirements of Cake Shop 2:

Minimum Specifications:

  • OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit
  • GPU: GTX 1050
  • CPU: i3-8300
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Storage: 1 GB available space

Recommended Specifications:

  • OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit
  • GPU: GTX 1050
  • CPU: i3-9320
  • Memory: 16GB RAM
  • Storage: 1 GB available space

How to download and install Cake Shop 2:

  • Click the “Continue Request” button on the webpage. Consequently, Google Play will be the destination.
  • After Cake Shop 2 shows up in your Android device’s Google Play list, you can begin the download and installation process.
  • To the right of the application icon, and beneath the search bar, is the Install button.
  • Then, Click on it.
  • After that, a pop-up will request permission to access Cake Shop 2.
  • To proceed with the process, click the Accept option.
  • After downloading to your device, Cake Shop 2 will ultimately display your advancement.
  • You will receive a notification upon completion of the installation, which will eventually commence at the download’s completion.
  • Enjoy your new adventure game to the fullest now.


Consequently, Cake Shop 2 Download, a delightful game that involves managing time and resources, is the sequel to Cake Shop. In this game, you have to own, manage, and operate your store to keep your clients satisfied and successful. Although, make a range of cakes, candies, and other delectable sweets to sate the sweet tooths of Yummyville’s fine citizens. So, can you open a store that deserves all the wonderful glory? Enjoy and have fun with this adorable little game.

To sum up, you will become more efficient at working swiftly and get superior time management skills by playing this game. Kids would particularly benefit from this since they may play this entertaining game and learn how to manage a cafe.

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