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Unlock The Latest Version Of Prince Of Persia The Sands Of Time Game Download

The prince of Persia: Sands of time game download Released in 2003 for the Game Boy Advance handheld system (GBA) and numerous other platforms, is a third-person action platformer game. Moreover, a remake of the Prince of Persia franchise, The Sands of Time, tells the tale of an unidentified Prince, the artefacts, and the Sands of Time. Furthermore, the game’s trickier acrobatic sequences motivate the player to face and defeat opponents to regain the ability to alter time.

It is important to remember that an opponent will resurrect itself if the player does not gather the Sand from it within five seconds of the adversary falling. After gathering eight Sand clouds, players may obtain more Sand glasses, and after collecting a new glass, they can defeat sixteen adversaries to obtain additional Sand tanks.





With unparalleled hero abilities of legendary proportions, the prince makes a triumphant return to action-adventure gaming, showcasing his ability to do gravity-defying acrobatics, unleash fierce fighting skills, and manipulate time to achieve his destiny. Moreover, a technological innovation will permanently alter the genre of action-adventure games. Further on, for endless gameplay options, erase the past, see the future, and freeze the present in real time. Finally, exotic locales and huge kingdoms reveal the secrets of a universe never before explored in action-adventure games.

Discover and subjugate an incredible variety of landscapes and kingdoms in mediaeval Persia, a terrible and mythical place. In addition, the legendary legends and terrible animals of mythic Persia come to life in this thrilling story with more turns and twists than the maze-like palace itself. Finally, it’s a grand adventure of betrayal and triumph.


The Prince’s Dagger of Time is a crucial component of the game. The hourglass holds “charges” of the Sands of Time, which give the Prince the ability to manipulate time. The Prince can “reverse” time and go back in time by up to 10 seconds. The play environment precisely returns to its initial condition when utilising this feature, and all noises and prior actions play backward. Moreover, the prince may also use the dagger to freeze his adversaries in place and slow down time, giving him a major advantage when attacking them head-on.

There are a limited number of applications for the Dagger. On the other hand, the Dagger may restock its supplies by absorbing the Sands of Time that vanquished opponents leave behind. Another way to restock is to absorb sand clouds.





Prince-of persia the-sands-of-time-pc-download



  • Adventure-filled action game.
  • captivating and outstanding plot.
  • Strong fighters.
  • powerful army.
  • assault on India’s Maharaja.
  • Take the Maharaja’s riches.
  • Gorgeous Maharaja’s daughter, Farah the Princess.


  • Prince:

The main character in The Sands of Time Trilogy, the Prince, is a young man who goes on his father’s first combat experience. After finding the Dagger of Time, he is the one who lets go of the Sands of Time.

  • Farah:

The princess of India, Farah, assists the prince in reaching the Tower of Dawn to reclaim the Sands of Time. She is adamant about making up for his error before the Sands of Time eat everything.

  • Vizier:

The antagonist of The Sands of Time is a dying man named Vizier, who is looking for the immortality that the Sands of Time offer. Moreover, in an attempt to take the Dagger of Time from the Prince, he deceives him into releasing the Sands of Time.

  • King Shahraman:

The Vizier tricked and persuaded King Shahraman, the father of the prince and head of a Persian country, into attacking the Maharajah’s domain. Finally, the Sands of Time turn Shahraman into a Sand Creature.

  • Sultan of Azad:

One of the victims of the Sands of Time is the Sultan of Azad, who is both the ruler of Azad and an ally of Persia.

  • Azad Guard:

The final human survivor the Prince meets, Azad Guard, assists the Prince in turning on the palace’s protection mechanisms before he perishes in the Sands of Time.

  • Maharajah:

The Maharajah is Farah’s father and the only individual referred to by name. Before the invasion and pillage of India by Persian troops under the command of King Shahraman, he ruled the country.

System requirements for prince of Persia: Sands of time game download  :

  • CPU SPEED: 800 MHz
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • VIDEO CARD: 64 MB GeForce 3 or higher, or ATI Radeon 8500 or higher, Matrox Parhelia
  • OS: Windows 2000/XP (only)
  • SOUND CARD: DirectX® 9.0 or higher compliant sound card

How do Install Prince of Persia Sands Of Time?

  1. Please disable any security or antivirus software before extracting or installing the game.
  2. Utilizing WinRAR, WinZip, or the built-in Windows command, extract the zip file.
  3. After you launch Installer, accept the conditions and let the software install.
  4. If a password is required to access the compressed file,.
  5. Try relocating your setup files to a straightforward path like D:\Games\GameSetupFiles if your installation is often failing or stalled.
  6. Moreover, you may always use our Contact Us page to seek assistance if you still need it.


One that is unforgettable and tragic is the prince of Persia: Sands of time game download The Prince and Princess Farah arrive at the Hourglass of the Sands of Time after overcoming dangerous hurdles and fierce opponents. Additionally, Vizier Jaffar, the Prince’s adversary, steps in and tries to make use of the Hourglass’s power for himself. Furthermore, the Prince vanquishes Jaffar in the last battle, but not before the Vizier rewrites history by destroying the Prince’s experiences and connections, including his friendship with Farah.

Further on, all that remains of the Prince are his recollections of the adventure. Moreover, the game concludes with the Prince, who is now elderly. Telling a young listener about his experience, suggesting that the Sands of Time narrative has been handed down through the ages as a legend.

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