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Download PC WhatsApp APK Crack Latest Version 2024

WhatsApp APK Crack from WhatsApp Plus Publisher comes with updated features and functions. Where you can easily connect with your friends and relatives around the world, securely send and receive text messages, share videos and images, audio recordings, live locations, and much more. If you want, you can also save data and share everything individually or in groups with common interests.

It allows users to have a seamless experience of sharing their private or public information with anyone through their unique identification. Share ultra HD photos and videos with your friends with one click, multiple images, and videos without quality or quantity limitations. Communicate by sharing funny, sad, and happy moments with your loved ones, regardless of distance, for free.






It allows us to perform all such activities in one place. You need to download it from here and follow a simple login process to access all the options. Here, you can sync your contacts and fill in information that your friends will need easy access to with your unique identification. Here, you can also customize the apps according to your preferences and update or change them according to your wishes.

You can text and send long-lasting, high-definition videos and high-quality images to your friends and relatives. Share your ID with anyone and connect with them to share any information. Create groups and add the people you want to share standard information within one place with a single click. Through a simple user interface, multiple groups with different purposes can be created and controlled simultaneously.








Key properties:

  • It allows you to completely hide your last seen and online status from other contacts.
  • Although Download new custom themes from the server and give your messenger a unique look.
  • View received media files, such as images and videos, without downloading them to your phone.
  • Edits the last seen and displays the current online status of your contacts on the main screen.
  • Removes the usual 139-character limit, so you can write long status updates of over 250 characters.
  • When copying messages from WhatsApp APK Crack, it automatically includes the time stamp and name. You can remove these details.
  • You will be able to run 2 different accounts at the same time.
  • Although you can set the “always online” function,.
  • New emoticons and stickers will be added after each update.
  • Although you can use the original WhatsApp APK crack and the GB WhatsApp Plus APK at the same time,.
  • You can keep your chats private.
  • If you are busy, you can use the automatic reply option.
  • Although it has a payment option and a message scheduler,.
  • Allows you to close conversations by swiping up.
  • When copying and pasting messages, you can hide dates and times to keep only the text.
  • Although It allows you to turn off the audio note playback notification in the status bar if it bothers you,.
  • Although Using the button, we can increase the forwarding limit up to 300

System Requirements Of WhatsApp APK Crack:

  1. Operating system: Windows 10 or higher
  2. Processor: Intel Core i3 or higher
  3. Memory: 4 GB RAM or higher
  4. Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or higher
  5. Storage: 2 GB free space or more

How to install WhatsApp APK Crack

  • If you already have WhatsApp installed on your phone, we recommend creating a manual backup of your current chats (if you need one).
  • Uninstall WhatsApp and download the app from your phone.
  • Download the new WhatsApp app from the download section at the beginning of this post and install it.
  • Follow the on-screen steps to verify your number and activate your WhatsApp account.
  • WhatsApp may prompt you to restore chats and messages.
  • On your smartphone, enable “Unknown sources” in Settings>Applications.
  • Download the APK using the green Download button at the top of this page.
  • Once the download is complete, open the file from the Android notification and select the “install” button at the bottom right.
  • Note that if you have an official WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus will overwrite it.
  • Once the installation is complete, click Open.
  • You will be prompted to allow access to your phone and contacts. Grant these permissions to continue.
  • Enter your phone number and confirm it with the code you receive via SMS. You will now be able to start using the application.

What’s new:

  • A shortcut is added to the message search menu.
  • New function for sending group invitations.
  • Temporary messages may be destroyed after 90 days.
  • A new drawing tool to share sketches and “artwork” with users.
  • Automatic translator for translating messages.
  • The DIY Theme feature allows users to create their own custom themes and share them with friends and family.
  • Adds a new feature to better manage group permissions.
  • It includes a new interface for configuring and setting up the application.
  • The color of the screen sharing button during calls has been changing.
  • New priority when switching to ghost mode.
  • More private voice messages and sounds that can only be heard once.
  • Possibility to set a secret code for blocking chats.
  • Possibility of having several accounts activated at the same time.
  • New AI-related features: sticker creation, chatbots, and image generation.
  • Option to add an email address to your account as an additional verification method for added security.


WhatsApp APK Crack provides an exciting way for users to customize and enhance their messaging experience. In this article, we explored the concept of WhatsApp mods, presented a curated list of the 15 best mod apps for 2024, discussed alternative backup options for modded WhatsApp, identified the target audience for these apps, and objectively analyzed the reasons why some users may choose to avoid them. Ultimately, the decision to try WhatsApp mod apps comes down to individual preferences and priorities. After weighing the benefits and potential risks, users can make an informed choice that aligns with their messaging needs and concerns.

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