Re Vance Extended Download Crack 19.16.39 APK For Android

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APK For Android Re Vance Extended Download Crack 19.16.39 2024

Re Vance Extended Download A clone of the original Re Vance project is called Re Vance Extend. You can obtain more features with the Extend version that weren’t included in the original project yet. Inotia00 is the creator of the fascinating YouTube project Re Vance Extend, also known as RVX, Re Vance Extended Download. The vanilla Re Vance project serves as its foundation.




Overview: Re Vance Extended Download:

But the developer has included some truly awesome features that have contributed to the project’s growing popularity. The source code for the enhanced version is available in the GitHub repository, and it is also an open source development. As of right now, the developer supports Reddit, YouTube, and YouTube Music. Check out Re Vance Extended APK if you’re seeking a platform that can take the place of YouTube. provide you with a ton of the newest videos or a potent ad blocking tool.

Suitable For:

Ensure that there are never any problems or hiccups during usage. To understand more about the platform offline, read the article below. Re Vance Extended APK is a platform that offers consumers pleasure without advertisements. There will thus be plenty of cutting-edge features for you to explore and relish entertaining, eye-catching moments.

New Features Re Vance Extended Download:

Although YouTube Vance is no longer with us, we will always treasure the simplicity it brought to all users. Even then, there are plenty of viable alternatives that provide comparable capabilities and perhaps even better user experiences, so we can’t just wait for it to come back.
The official replacement for Vance, YouTube Re Vance APK, is among the most sophisticated substitutes. Along with amazing updates to uphold Vance’s legacy, it provides all the functionality of YouTube Vance.

Android Smartphones:

Everything you need to know about YouTube Re vance will be covered in this essay. It’s more difficult to watch YouTube without advertisements on Android handsets without a premium subscription now that YouTube Vance has been disabled. Although some third-party browsers have been helpful, not everyone has had a positive experience with them. And soon after that, YouTube ReVance was created. Indeed, the moment Vance declared the project’s termination, the open source development community got to work on YouTube Re Vance.

Active Development Re-Vance Extended Download:

With the majority of Vance’s functionality merged, YouTube Re Vance is now under development and available for installation on Android devices, so you may watch YouTube without advertisements. This indicates that Re Vance approaches YouTube APK changes differently than Vance did in that all updates are made on the device itself, unlike Vance, where the developers do not upload. Because of this, compared to Vance, which featured a one-click installation approach, installing Re Vanned on Android may appear like a complicated task.



ReVanced-YouTube-Extended - RVX




Key Properties of YouTube Revanced Extended:

  • Adds the entrance animation, which YouTube version 18.19.36+ deleted.
  • The “custom-branding-icon” patch is incompatible with this patch.
  • When in battery conservation mode, avoid ambient mode limitations.
  • As a result, even while the phone is in battery-saving mode, you may keep playing movies in the background.
  • Make a subscription source on the main page. When you launch the YouTube app, this will set the subscription feed as the home screen.
  • Put the name specified in the options. Son file for the YouTube application.
  • This comes in handy if you’d like to rename the YouTube program, such as “My YouTube” or “YouTube Pro.”.
  • Makes the MMT icon appear on the YouTube launcher.
  • The MMT logo will replace the YouTube app icon as a result.
  • Revancify Blue is the new icon for the YouTube launcher.
  • The blue Revancify logo will replace the YouTube app icon as a result.
  • Revancify Red is the new icon for the YouTube launcher.
  • The Revancify Red emblem will replace the YouTube app icon as a result.
  • Include the value for “double tap search.”.
  • This lets you double-tap the search bar to browse movies.
  • Provide the YouTube and YT Music package names for the MicroG build.
  • This comes in handy if you wish to utilize a Micro YouTube build that has a different package name, such as “com. google. youtube. music. vanced” or “com. google. youtube. vanced.”.
  • Adds more options for playback speed.
  • With this, you may see videos at various playback rates ranging from 0.25x to 2.0x.

What’s New on YouTube Revanced Github:

  • Explore the Re-vanned Extended options to personalize your screen time to the fullest.
  • Make sure the app’s design is as distinctive as your preferred content by selecting themes that express your sense of style or mood.
  • Turn on the Picture-in-Picture (Pips) feature on Re-vanned Extended to see a reduced-quality video in public.
  • This maximizes your productivity by enabling you to carry out the chores on your smartphone with ease and efficiency of choice.

System Requirements for Vanced Github:

  1. Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.
  2. Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM
  3. 40 MB of free space for the hard drive.
  4. Processor: A dual-core Intel CPU or a later model.

How to Install ODEX Login:

  1. Download the Micro and Extended APK files for ReVance.
  2. First, attempt to install the Micro APK file. Simply accept the request to enable unknown sources if one appears, then carry on with the installation.
  3. Completed the tap. Install the Re Vance Extended APK file at this point.
  4. Launch it and log in using your Google credentials.
  5. Navigate to Settings and turn on the desired features.

Conclusion Revance Extended Download:

Enjoy the advantages of the YouTube Re Vance Extended MOD APK by downloading it. For those who enjoy podcasts and need to stay updated while using their mobile devices to do work, the capabilities are quite helpful. Throughout the workday, I can tune into a podcast. Beyond only protecting data, listening to music and video while performing several tasks, like cleaning, has additional benefits.

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