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adb fastboot tool is a tool provided by Google for developers to debug and test their software on Android phones. It provides access to certain features that are not available to regular users, and since ADB can technically be used by anyone, you have a way to use these advanced features even if you are not a developer.


In this comprehensive guide, you will learn about adb fastboot tools download, installation guide, their commands, and related importance. The Android ecosystem allows you to make a lot of improvements to your device. These include the ability to unlock the bootloader, flash custom ROMs, and recoveries like TWRP. Add to that the ability to gain administrative rights to your device by rooting through Magisk and what else could one ask for?


adb fastboot tool


These are just the tips of the iceberg and there are many more such improvements. However, you may need to connect your device to a computer to effectively perform most of these tweaks. But a simple USB cable connection wouldn’t do any good either. Several binaries allow a successful connection between your device and enable the above improvements. USB drivers are only one part of this software toolkit. However, that is not the only thing.

However, USB drivers could only perform basic file transfer activities between computers and devices. But for all other tasks, you need a set of ADB and Fastboot drivers installed. In this guide, we’ll help you install just that. But before that, it is paramount that you are aware of these ADB and Fastboot drivers and why they are needed at all. So without further ado, jump on the bandwagon and get started with the guide.

Importance of ADB and Fastboot

If you’ve just entered the Android ecosystem, ADB and Fastboot binaries are probably among the few things you should know about. If you’re using an Android device to make calls and send messages, you probably wouldn’t need these drivers. However, only a limited part of users belong to this population. The vast majority want to explore the full potential of this open-source environment.

Features of adb tool for Android Download

  • Above all, the Installation Folder choosable Installer
  • Desktop & Start Menu Shortcuts Installer
  • Toolkit
  • View Commands, How-To enable Developer Options & USB Debugging
  • Add to System Path Environment Installer
  • Optional Universal ADB Driver Installation Installer


adb fastboot tool crack

How to set up ADB on your phone

Preparing to communicate with a computer Setting up ADB requires preparation on both your Android phone and the computer you want to use. However, To get started, follow these steps on your phone:

  1. Launch the Settings app on your phone.
  2. However, Tap About phone in general at the bottom of the list.
    Depending on the OEM skin, the About Phone page may be called something else or buried somewhere else in the Settings app on your device.
  3.  Then tap the Build number seven times to activate developer mode. You’ll see a toast message once it’s complete.
  4.  Now go back to the main Settings screen and you should see a new menu of developer options that you can access.
    On Google Pixel phones and some other devices, you may need to go to Settings > System and find the developer options menu.
  5.  Go there and enable the USB Debugging option.
  6.  You have partially completed the phone setup process. Next, you’ll need to scroll down and follow the rest of the instructions for your specific operating system.




  • USB Driver for your Device or Universal ADB Driver (Included in the Installer)
  • Power Shell for the Toolkit
  • Windows OS

How to set up the adb fastboot tool on your computer

How to set up ADB on Microsoft Windows

  1. However, Download the Android SDK Platform Tools ZIP file for Windows.
  2.  Extract the contents of this ZIP file into an easily accessible folder (for example, C:\platform-tools).
  3. Open File Explorer and locate where you extracted the contents of this ZIP file.
  4. Open a command prompt/terminal instance from the same directory as this ADB executable.  Windows 11 users should see Open in Terminal in the right-click context menu without having to press the Shift key on the keyboard.
  5.  Connect your smartphone or tablet to your computer using a USB cable. Change the USB mode to “file transfer (MTP)” mode. Some OEMs may or may not require this, but for general compatibility, it’s best to leave it in this mode.
  6.  In the Command Prompt/Terminal window, enter the following command to start the ADB daemon:
  7. device adb
  8.  You should see a prompt on your phone screen to enable or disable USB debugging access. Naturally, you’ll want to grant USB debugging access when prompted (and click the always allow checkbox if you never want to see this prompt again).
  9.  Finally, re-enter the command from step 6. If everything was successful, you should now see your device’s serial number in the command line/terminal window.

Now you can run any ADB command on your device! Now go ahead and start customizing your phone.


These technological things are quite good and it is quite easy to accomplish the task of rooting or rooting your device. However, We have personally tested these tools on our computers and devices and found these recommended tools to be the best Android SDK alternatives. There are also many other Android tools available on the internet to root Android devices, but we have selected the best ones for you. In addition, If you find any issues with working these tools, you can share them in the comments section.

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